A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

About the Game
In SpacePOM, you take the role of a Pomeranian with a jetpack. Your goal? To repair the failing systems and save your friends! In your quest you must avoid hazardous substances and malfunctioning machinery, hack the station’s systems, and find a way to fix the broken engine!

The Team
Brian Massey   |   Team Leader, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Effects
Mark Goetz   |   Game Design Lead, Programming
Peter Wallis   |   Programming Lead, Game Design
Tanya Jones   |   3D Art Lead, Level Design
David Schuttenhelm   |   Graphic Design, User Interface Design
Andrew Murphy   |   Environment, Props Modeling
Pascal Saint-Clair   |   Concept Art, 3D Modeling
Eric Remus   |   Character Modeling, Texturing
Roger McMullen   |   Art Direction, Character Design
Daniel Dinh   |   2D Animation, 2D Art
Clarence McMillan   |   Concept Art, 2D Art
Patty McLaughlin   |   Concept Art, Modeling
Ala’ Diab   |   Music, Sound Effects
Sam Castree, III   |   Legal Consultant
PMac@PETAL et al.   |   Project Coach


Windows Demo 125 MB
Mac Demo 130 MB
Linux Demo 140 MB


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The demo was great (all be it one area we found harder than perhaps it should have been) :)

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Thank you for the very entertaining review and feedback. Much success to Intex Gaming and your YouTube Channel.

This has a pretty cool concept and maybe even a cooler storyline to go with the gameplay. While there were some parts of the game that were rage inducing for me to get past, I put this down to my skill more than the game mechanics and because you don't really get punished too hard for failing, it seems like there is a perfect challenge to overcome. I saved the best for last. Your game is last in my video.